Looking for a Side Hustle? Become a Computer Vision Annotator

Posted by Michael Sare on 3/26/20 6:50 AM

In the midst of trending city/state/country lockdowns and social  distancing measures due to COVID-19, we at Voxel51 want to highlight a vital role to the Computer Vision industry: the data annotator.

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI) has yet to achieve human-level understanding, the Computer Vision (CV) space is seeing rapid advancement towards providing machines with sight using Machine Learning (ML) and, in particular, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs). CV models, which extract insights from camera streams, images, and videos, continue to improve as more quality, curated data is pushed through training pipelines. Current industry-leading CV training methods still depend on human intervention to deliver high-quality annotations for training, which results in a huge demand for... human annotators! In a Lex Fridman interview of Cristos Goodrow, VP of Engineering at Google, Cristos mentions the importance of humans-in-the-loop for training ML models, and we couldn’t agree more. 

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Top 4 Ways to Accelerate Your Data Pipeline

Posted by Michael Sare on 3/18/20 4:10 PM

In the computer vision (CV) community, it is widely known that high-quality, diverse data is the key to achieving better model outcomes. So, you have high-quality data, which is leading to good models. The question now is: How do you take your good models to the next level? Consider the following four aspects of your data pipeline to transform your good models into great models:

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Accelerate Your AI

The Voxel51 Platform supports end-to-end problem solving throughout the computer vision life cycle. Whether you need data annotation, model deployment, or video processing at scale, Voxel51 accelerates you into the future.

Voxel51 bring computer vision expertise to:

  • Image & video annotation
  • Synthetic tagging
  • Labeled data management
  • Processing videos at scale
  • Model testing & deployment

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